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Green room part 2

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Another weekend, another weekend of work. I had a pretty early start on Saturday morning and met the hardwood flooring guy in Courtice for my 400sf of hardwood flooring. We loaded the bed and the rear cab full of flooring and I was on my way. The best part was this exchange:

Flooring Seller: “Man, I love kijiji.”
Me: “I know. I bought this flooring on kijiji!”
Flooring Seller: “I bought my truck on kijiji.”
Me: “I bought *my* truck on kijiji.”
Random guy walking his dog goes by: “I bought this dog on kijiji!”

This is what 400sf of oak flooring looks like.

I unloaded it in time for two friends to arrive, D&J. We hit up Home Depot for batt and rigid insulation and 9 sheets of drywall (3 ceiling, 6 wall) and then spent the rest of the day/evening finishing up the insulation, nail removal/joist prep for drywall, and attached the 3 sheets of 5/8″ on the ceiling.

Sunday was a bit of a different story productivity-wise however, as I was trying to find the motivation to go up after a friends birthday house party Saturday night. I had to leave a cheque for Brian the electrician though so I took up the last load of cottage-related stuff from my storage locker here in Toronto and considered that a success. Then I remembered that I needed to demo the closet that the old electrical panel was living in so Brian would have more room for the new panel.

I’m waiting to hear from Brian that we got a pass on the electrical. I’m crossing my fingers. He was supposed to do the work and pass the inspection today in order for hydro to be restored on Wednesday. This means that when M and I go up on Saturday, we should have one working electrical outlet at the panel, a furnace with hydro (but no oil), and possibly a working submersible water pump. In order to have oil delivered for my furnace I need the company to come out and inspect the oil tank (pretty new) and the furnace (really ancient). Hopefully they are both up to whatever standards they need. I’m also curious to see if I will have a working water pump or not.

Plan for this weekend – put poly on the walls in the green room and finish drywalling, possibly start mudding.

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