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Main floor hardwood score

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The biggest update since my last post was scoring enough Oak hardwood flooring to cover the main livingroom area and the bigger bedroom — for $1/square foot. Currently there is light (beech?) hardwood throughout the smaller bedroom, the kitchen, diningroom and space infront of the sliding patio doors. It’s all really gross from the dogs that lived there and no amount of scrubbing has made it any less gross. My plan is to sand the floors down (the finish has already worn off in a lot of areas) and paint them white. Therefore, it didn’t really matter what the newer hardwood looked like since they’ll be getting the same treatment, and when an ad for 400 sf of Oak popped up on kijiji for $390, I was all over it. What makes it even better is that the person lives in a town on the way to the cottage so I’m grabbing it early Saturday morning.

Speaking of Saturday, I have managed to snag the help of 3 friends, so it looks like drywalling the green room will be a go.

Sunday – I’ll probably have some kind of a date with the floor.

Electrical update – waiting for Brain the electrician to call me back later today, but he suggested Monday as a date for starting work. Finally!

Now if only kijiji/craigslist would come through for me on some cheap floor tile, I’d be set. Until then, I may find myself with a 7am date at Olympia Tile’s clearance warehouse.

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