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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Last Friday was successful. After work, Molly and I brought up a second couch that will one day live in the boathouse, and the new (to me) pellet stove. Two friends met us at my place and the four of us carried the pellet stove into the cottage. Christ, that took some muscle. After unloading it we all pretty much went our ways – the friends to their cottage an hour fiften away from mine, and we went to a nearby Comfort Inn instead of driving back to the city and then coming out again the next day. This worked well because the eco audit was happening at 9am the next morning. The audit didn’t really reveal anything I didn’t already know. I’ll get the most out of upgrading the insulation everywhere: attic, basement headers, crawlspace joists (for the floor above), crawlspace walls, etc.

Probably the biggest thing for Friday though, was being able to flick light switches and have light come on. Ha ha! I had received a text message from Brian Friday before we left Toronto telling me to bring a bunch of lightbulbs because power was restored through a lot of the house. Fucking awesome.

Also accomplished Saturday was ripping up the floor in the main room which basically took less than 10 minutes to do. After the ordeal of ripping up the floor in the one bedroom, I was worried about the amount of work/time that might be needed to rip up the main floor, but it was all tongue and groove crappy flooring that wasn’t difficult at all.

We moved onto the green room after and finished adding poly to the walls overtop the insulation and then put up a full sheet of drywall on one of the walls before we ran out of time (holiday parties to attend!). I had a meeting Sunday afternoon which meant I couldn’t head up to the cottage which was painful.

We’ve mostly got Friday off (Molly has a work thing at 9am) and we’re heading to the cottage again, for another overnight hotel stay to do more work Fri/Sat. Sunday I’ll probably go up on my own.

Goals for this weekend: grind all the nails off the hardwood flooring and figure out how much exactly I have, finish drywalling the green room, buy/assemble a cabinet to store my tools in and figure that out (I’m getting paranoid that everything is scattered everywhere), put tar paper down over the existing subfloor on the main floor and level with roofing shingles (need to look on kijiji), maybe start placing the hardwood on the main floor and figure out how I’m going to tackle it. We’ll see how far we get!

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