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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Since my post Monday:

– the new electrical panel has been installed and it’s huge… I’ll live with it somehow
– basic electrical passed inspection so it means I’ll have hydro to the furnace, water pump and one outlet at the panel (although now that I write this, I realize I don’t remember seeing an outlet at the panel)
– hydro supposedly was being restored today but Brian the electrician is checking it tomorrow and I think doing more work
– my water filtration equipment arrived by mail: a uv light and a 20″ carbon+sediment filter (2 filters, they’re huge)
– ESSO my oil supplier is sending someone out late tomorrow morning to inspect the furnace and oil tank before delivering me oil to heat the place
– Molly the awesome girlfriend and I delivered a couch and a chair last night and cleaned out the furnace air register duct areas because I remembered they were clogged with hair and was worried that if the furnace came on, it would spread everywhere
– I picked up a pellet stove from kijiji (continuing the awesomeness of kijiji) for super cheap and it’s currently sitting in the back of my Ranger until it goes to its forever home at the cottage
– two friends who have their own cottage are going to help me unload the stove (all 180lbs of it) tomorrow night on their way to theirs and depending on M’s schedule, maybe we’ll stay overnight closer to the cottage because…
– an eco audit is scheduled for Saturday at 9am

I feel like there was one other thing, but all of those things are pretty significant. I’ve now got a shitload of projects and not much time. It really would have been helpful to take that week off now instead of when I first bought the place a month ago!

Completely unrelated: tomorrow morning I’m upgrading my drivers license to an M2 motorcycle class. Looking forward to the day I can sell the Ranger the trade it in for a Jeep and a bike and take one to the cottage after rugby.

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