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Photo recap of the past two weeks

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I’m probably done 80% of the crawlspace walls with new insulation. Tore out the old stuff and the tar paper holding it in place. Lots of mice nests, very little insulation. I need another bag of Roxul, some rigid, and some poly to call it a day down here. Then I have some foil faced rigid to think about screwing into the floor joists. It looks so much cleaner down there now, if that can be said of a crawlspace.

I got rid of the junk in the rafters of the boathouse and tore up the carpet. If I’m doing the floor properly (I have decent laminate for it) I’ll need some more subfloor to make it stronger. Right now it’s 3/4″ plywood that is cut up and assembled in multiple pieces. It’s thick but not ideal for minimizing movement.

I was lucky and Molly was able to come up with me both days last weekend. Usually her work doesn’t allow it. Friday night we brought up a kayak, the bbq, and our road bikes. Sunday we brought the second kayak and brand new hardwood flooring (for the bedroom) I managed to score off kijiji the day before. The kayaks were a killer Christmas gift from Molly, the bikes are hot and awesome and meant we were able to go for over an hour long ride Saturday morning – first time out with the bikes this season. Hard to believe it’s March and it’s this warm. The bbq is way better than the slow cooker for meals and the hardwood flooring is an amazing score off kijiji. I love kijiji. It’s prefinished, brand new in box light maple flooring and found for about $1/sf. The bedroom is going to look amazing and I can’t wait to finish it off tomorrow/Sunday.

Progress was also made in the bathroom:

And lots of mudding/painting in the main room. It’s looking amazing.

Burn out

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean work has stopped. Between cottage work and a big work project that’s hitting a milestone, I’ve been feeling somewhat on the edge of burning out. I was able to take two days off work this week (the project went in QA so I was given a bit of a reprieve;  I work in web development) and went up to spend it at the cottage. I hate the feeling of having many projects still on the go/in the open and needed a break from the city and traffic, so decided to try to do what I could to minimize the open projects.

After some more web research and back and forth with the guy I bought the pellet stove from, it seems to be working consistently (just in time for warmer weather). I’ll probably write a separate post about it to try to help other owners of the same model because there isn’t much documentation/support out there for the stove. I’m really glad about this development since the prospect of somehow getting the beast back in the truck and exchanging it for another was just too much for me to handle. I stayed overnight earlier this week and it burned consistently throughout the night. The couple times it went out, it restarted totally fine once I topped up the pellets. It’s insanely warm and I was working in jeans a tank top in no time.

Last week a couple friends joined us and it was basically a mudding/sanding party. To recap, this is to smooth out the walls as much as possible, since the walls were covered in mudded texture:

In progress:

While they were doing this, Molly and I took to putting the bathroom back together:

I took the drywall down off that wall because it was tiled and had gaps where the old cabinet used to be, and we were adding a switch and outlet to the wall. Also, the floor hadn’t been tiled under the cabinet so it left a decent gap that was old plywood. Pulling down the wall meant we could salvage some tiles to put on the floor underneath a new cabinet. We beefed up the wall where we expected the cabinet to be hung, painted this one area and hung a new light. This week I pretty much finished it off:

Putting the ikea cabinet together took longer than anything else. I need to adjust the plumbing or the inside of the cabinet to allow the drawer to close, but that’s for another day.

While waiting for the paint to dry I was also working downstairs in what used to be the green room. It’s 95% drywalled so I moved onto taping and mudding. Finishing this off and getting to a point of painting it will be good for the checklist in my brain. I’m still on the look out for tile for the floor. We love the idea of a bright blue or green mosaic glass tile with white walls but they’re pretty damn expensive. I can’t bring myself to buy cheap builder style 12×12 tiles either. Still looking, not a priority.

I’m just finishing off my coffee before I get ready to head up for another day that will probably be spent in the crawlspace, and will leave you with some photos:

My partner in crime