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Update desperately needed

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

I realize it’s been a long time since the last update. I think the whole flooring business tired me out from posting. Work has kept up, however. Molly, myself and a friend of ours spent the May long weekend up at the cottage which is an indicator of how far things have progressed. I think it was the first weekend where it was a mix of enjoying the space but also doing some work. We’re actually at the stage of doing the smaller finishing items vs. tearing down and rebuilding. It’s amazing.

Off the top of my head, since the flooring was stained, we:

– finished off the bathroom: vanity installed with complete plumbing, shower drain hooked up in the crawlspace, everything painted, there’s even art up… the only thing missing is a mirror.

– first layer of mud has been applied to the textured walls in the front room by the patio doors thanks to my brother and his girlfriend

– new water heater was installed because the old one was fried due to old age and power being turned on without water in it

– in the main bedroom: finished off hardwood flooring, re-insulated and repaired large holes/squares cut out of the walls, mudded and painted, added a bed and mattress, new light fixture

– kitchen has been fully cleaned and painted white (no more dark mustard orange! it looks so much better!)… next up is painting the ceiling.

– added curtains to the two main room windows and two bedroom windows

– new exterior light instead of old motion detector

– stained the diningroom table but still need a light fixture for it

– placed furniture in places that make sense, which really made it feel more like a place to spend time in vs. storage locker

– put the dock (!!) in the water

– did like 12 yard waste worth of bags and landscape trimming

– added new fencing to the existing fence where there were Rosie-sized holes she could escape through into the neighbours yard

– more drywall in the room formerly known as the greenroom (still a bit  more to go)

– most importantly, got running water (did I really not write about that before?) and the entire water filtration system/uv light hooked up.

Still left on the task list:

– paint ceilings: kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms
– figure out when i am going to sand and refinish the rest of the hardwood floors (1 bedroom, kitchen, diningroom, front room area)
– change the bathroom shower faucets
– install closet doors in bedroom 1
– paint and attach baseboard in bedroom 1
– finish painting bedroom 2 and furnish it
– cover the electrical panel, fix up drywall around that area
– mirror for bathroom vanity (we had one from ikea but the corner came chipped, argh)
– door trim in bedroom 1 and bathroom
– baseboard in bathroom
– clean bathroom tile
– finish mudding the walls in the front room and then paint
– put up light in bedroom 2
– figure out why the fridge isn’t cold but the freezer works fine (is the fan dead? dog hear on bottom coils?)
– quarterround on baseboard throughout main floor
– screen door for main entrance door
– still an insane amount of yardwaste to gather up
– finish drywalling downstairs
– paint downstairs
– dricore for the downstairs floor, vinyl overtop, make into laundryroom (later on down the line)
– paint interior and exterior frame of windows
– some kind of curtain or covering for bathroom window
– pipe insulation for crawlspace pipes

And probably a bunch more stuff that I can’t remember at this point. The eco audit got pushed back again and is now in the middle of June. Getting antsy for it to just be done at this point!