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New dock

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

So, this happened this past weekend:




We had planned to have two friends up this past weekend but when it became four, I knew it was time to make the dock build happen. When it comes to building a dock it seems you can either spend a lot of money on a full kit (either with or without lumber), spend less money and get a 4′ x 8′ metal dock in a kit, or plan and build your own, buying it all separately, for about the same cost as the 4′ x 8′ dock kit. You just have to do all the research to figure out the sizing and proper hardware to make it happen, but you’ll end up with a bigger all-wood dock.

Because of our water depth we had to go with a stationary dock (vs floating). After some hours of research I ended up buying most of the parts from only because they guaranteed free parcel shipping in time for the weekend. If you’ve got more time, HD was cheaper in some areas, but their shipping is slower. I lucked out that the Home Depot in town had some dock parts in the store (despite their website saying otherwise) and I was able to buy the rest of what I needed to make it happen. There was some running around Sunday morning when I was looking for leg post holders and the Home Hardware website lead me to believe I’d be able to buy them in store, but we ended up improvising by using the hardware off the old dock. (As an aside, Home Hardware is completely useless. I’ve tried buying supplies from them for two big projects in the past and they basically don’t carry anything in stock. What’s the point?) I’ve got some extra hardware arriving this week to add a couple more legs and some cross bracing for the deeper end of the dock but it’ll be a lot easier to work on now that it’s already in the water.

To wrap it up, it took probably 5 hours to build and get it in the water, we attached the new large platform to the old dock/ramp, and now have a decent sized dock/platform to fish from and hang out on. Really looking forward to using it this summer.

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