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Fiberglass canoe repair

Monday, August 17th, 2015

My brother found a 16′ canoe at the end of someone’s driveway that was “free to a good boathouse” and asked if I would be interested in it. Of course! It came with the warning that it needed some TLC and he was right. It started to take on water as soon as we got it in the lake at the cottage from large cracks on both sides. Never one to shy from a challenge or learning a new skill, I decided to rehab it when we took a week off work to spend at the cottage. After a few hours of research and some great YouTube videos, I started into the process of cutting out all the old holes/cracks, sanding it down inside and out, tracing the holes on transparent plastic to transpose onto fiberglass, and did 4 layers of fiberglass cloth/mat in stages. Did a final sanding, bondo and more sanding, then painted it with Tremclad Rustoleum Fire Red and light grey on the inside. It came without seats so I used some leftover brown pressure treated from a deck for that. After curing for a week, we tried it this past weekend – no leaks! Not bad for a free canoe. I hope it’ll hold up long term but it’s pretty awesome to know you can cut huge holes in the side of something and patch them after.












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