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Misc work and bird feeder activity

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

At some point just before we started into the bathroom project we did a few days of work on the utility room downstairs, which is basically our water room. It used to be completely open to the crawlspace because the behemoth of an oil furnace we had stuck out partially into the room and therefore couldn’t be closed off. We switch to propane about a year ago – I just did a search and couldn’t find any post for it, which is weird – and the new Napoleon furnace is much better and much smaller. This meant we could finally close off the room from the crawlspace.

There are two external walls in this room and neither had insulation except for flimsy/old white stryofoam stuff nailed on the outside of the MDF (?) paneling. This also explains why the room would sometimes get to extremely low temperatures (even into the negatives) which always made me nervous considering it houses the main water line, water pressure tank, and hot water tank. We pulled everything down, ran the electrical and ductwork for the upstairs dining room register through the walls/joists (previously had been sitting outside the walls), replaced with Roxul insulation and put poly over it. We drywalled until we ran out of drywall so it’s half finished. We also moved the light more in the middle of the room which I’m grateful for, because we discovered that some mice had chewed through the¬†wiring and left the black hot exposed – yikes. We fixed it all up, did some crazy drywalling around a main furnace duct we wouldn’t get away from, and the room is so much better and warmer. We still need to mud and finish the drywall but it’s good enough for now.

26192655465_f25a4b4296_k (1)

We’ve also had a bird feeder going for the winter which has been a great supply of nature TV. The birds are a bit hard to see in the photos below but we’ve had have repeat visits from dark-eyed juncos, blue jays, chickadees, nuthatches, a downy woodpecker, northern flicker, American goldfinch and even a pair of turtle doves.



We also had an ordeal dealing with a Home Depot install of new eavestroughs/gutters which I’ll have to save for another post.

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