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Water purification

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

While I’m unsure as to the state of the furnace, I know that the water filtration system in the house is definitely not in a functioning state. There’s an old Trojan UV light system currently laying disconnected on the ground in the “laundry room” closet area with various wires pulled out of it. I’ve never had to think about ensuring my drinking water was good enough for drinking/showering before. Turns out doing research and getting quotes/responses back from various water supply places, online or brick and mortar, is easier than finding an electrician. After a dozen or so emails, I think I’m going to settle on a cottage carbon/sediment filtration system with a UV light from aQuatell. I want to take a second look at the small, gross room to see what exactly I do have down there this weekend and then will probably pull the trigger on the $800-ish purchase.

The other part of this is the submersible pump that is currently sitting in the lake. I have no idea on its condition and really need hydro working again to figure that out. The electrician dude said if it trips a breaker then the motor is pretty much seized. Really. Need. Hydro.